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Swansgate are an Art Rock band based out of Charlotte, NC. Their music spans a spectrum of genres. From Math Rock-esque, piano-driven jams, to Electronic Art Pop fused with elements of Rock. Their catalog is diverse, but maintains a cohesiveness due to the unique ear of its lead songwriter. Led by the virtuoso pianist and talented composer, Stu Draughn, Swansgate are recording their debut studio album, and playing frequent live shows throughout the greater North Carolina region. Draughn began teaching himself piano at the young age of 5, and has developed a compositional style that is unlike any other. His list of influences is long, and he’s able to maintain a completely original style that doesn’t favor any particular influence. Draughn is backed by brothers Michael & Gabe McKinney, who play drums and bass guitar, respectively. The McKinney brothers are also self-taught, lifelong musicians who bring their own unique flavor to their instruments. Swansgate are gaining more & more recognition due to their superb musicianship and unique style. With tunes that are rhythmic, jazzy, and unique, Swangate have garnered praise from music lovers of all ages.